How long do acrylic nails last? Generally, you may wear them for up to three months without harming your fingernails if you care for them correctly.

If you need assistance with taking care of your acrylic nails, you’re in luck because we’ve got some great suggestions for keeping your acrylic tips. Keep reading our  But, before we get to the advice, let’s go through what these nails are.

What Exactly Are Acrylic Nails?

These are artificial nails composed of a powdered polymer and a liquid monomer. These two components combine to form a dough-like ball that is bonded to your fingernail and then molded into whatever shape you choose. The majority of individuals use them to fill up damaged or bitten nails, but many more use them as nail extensions.

Acrylic nails are typically safe to wear as long as they are well-maintained and kept healthy, but they may also serve as a breeding ground for skin infections if you are not careful with them.

How long do acrylic nails last?

A question many women have when applying nail polish is how long nail powder will last. Actually, this is a question with no definite answer. Because the durability of the nails will depend a lot on your aftercare and the skill of the manicurist.

Durability is ensured by a professional nail technician.

If the acrylic nails were done by a skilled nail technician, the customer should have the longest-lasting nails possible.

Instead of nail polish, the nail technician might put a gel layer on top of the artificial nails. The gel provides the nails a more beautiful appearance and lasts longer than nail polish. With the gel coating, your acrylic nails should last longer.

Clients have an impact on how long acrylic nails last.

Acrylic nails are a long-lasting, long-lasting alternative to conventional lacquer manicures. A complete set of acrylics should last between six and eight weeks.

The natural nails of your client grow. Even if your client’s acrylic does not crack or break, a fill-in visit is required.

Besides, the quality of the nail powder layer will also directly affect the durability of the nail. If the manicurist is skilled and the quality of the powder is good, the retention time will be longer.

Normally, the average time to keep powder in the nail falls between 10 and 15 days. If you can take better care, this time can be extended by a few days.

After you’ve done your nails, your nail technician will show you a few things to keep in mind for your nails. Follow the advice of experts. At that time, your nail powder will be kept for a long time.

How To Make Your Acrylic Nails Last Longer

Customers regularly have no idea how to care for their nails and then criticize the product or the nail technician. It is your responsibility to educate your clientele.

Here are some suggestions on how to care for your client’s nails so that her acrylic nails last longer.

  • Conduct Research

If you want the greatest acrylic nails possible, you should look around your area for the top salons with the best nail technicians. We understand that this may appear to be a lot of effort at first, but you’ll thank yourself later after you’ve completed the ideal set of nails.

When looking for the ideal salon, check for good indications like clean working areas, clean tools. You may also check up on their technicians online to determine whether their work is suitable for your requirements and style.

At Rachel’s Nails salon, we provide acrylic nails extension service. Only from  £37 your nails will be soaked off and begin with a totally fresh full set coated with acrylic powder. We have talented nail technicians and a wide range of choices for you to choose from.

  • Do Not Ignore Regular Fills

You must conduct some maintenance every couple of weeks unless you want damaged and even painful nails.

Because your fingernails will continue to grow beneath your acrylic nails, you must get your artificial nails filled on a regular basis. If you know what you’re doing, you can do it yourself at home, but it’s typically safer to have a professional do it for you.

Most people need to have their acrylic nails filled every two weeks, although this might vary depending on how long it takes their nails to grow out. Having said that, you shouldn’t put off getting a fill for too long — unmaintained acrylic nails can ultimately shatter and even harm the real nails below them.

  • Keep your acrylic nails clean on a regular basis

Because artificial nails can store more bacteria than fingernails, you should keep them as clean as possible. Clean out any dirt on and under them with a gentle brush, and make sure your hands and nails are fully dry after washing them.

  • Keep your hands moisturized

You must also take care of your natural nails if you want stronger artificial nails. Maintain the health of your hands and fingers by using a daily moisturizer and applying cuticle oil to your nails anytime they appear dry.

  • When doing manual housework, use gloves.

Your nails may ultimately wear out after a couple weeks, but you may delay this by using protective gloves when doing household tasks. Because acrylic nails are susceptible to high temperatures and volatile chemicals, you should limit their exposure to chemicals found in cleaning products and hot water.

  • Take Care of Your Nails

We understand how tempting it is to use our long nails to pry things open, but they aren’t all that powerful. Too much force can break your acrylic nails and harm your natural nail bed below, so try to be delicate with them.

  • Every two to three months, allow your nails to “relax”

While nails do not require relaxing, they do require time without any modifications to repair and become stronger. Allow your nails to develop on their own without your fake nails if you want to maintain them healthy and ready for acrylic nails.

  • Stop biting your nails

In daily life, you should give up the habit of biting your nails. This not only affects the durability of the nails but also harms health when the composition of the powder contains acrylic substances. Here is our article about how to stop biting nails.

Acrylic Nail Removal

When it comes time to remove your acrylic nails, you’ll be better off looking for a professional because incorrect removal can be harmful to your natural nails.

If your nails must be removed before you can schedule an appointment, you may do it at home by following our instructions. The easiest way is to cut your nails short, file as much of the acrylic off as possible, and soak them in acetone for 15-20 minutes. After you’ve done all of that, your acrylic nails should be soft enough to remove securely.


If you opt to wear acrylics for a long time, you will most likely need to have fills every two weeks to keep your manicure looking good. If you’re thinking of using them for an event and then having them professionally removed right after, that’s a great option as well. Acrylics are a “sometimes” or “usually” style statement for many people, rather than a lifetime commitment.

Remember that attempting to remove acrylics at home is seldom a smart idea since you can quickly harm the underlying natural nail. Besides that, make sure to follow our suggestion above to keep your acrylic nails last longer.

While most individuals can wait around two weeks before fillings, it’s important to understand that you may not be able to wait 14 days every time. Some tiny lifts or separations of the acrylic can be repaired at home, you should get an expert or come to Rachel’s Nails salon for help as soon as possible if you have a large break or crack to avoid infection.

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