Q & A

How long do my acrylic nails last?

Your acrylic nails can last for a month. You are recommended to come back every 2 or 3 weeks for a maintenance.

How long do my gel/shellac nails last?

Your Shellac/gel can last up to 14 days or more (follow instructions: wear gloves, no bleach, no peeling …)

Can I take off my acrylic nails at home?

We don’t recommend clients take off their own acrylic nails at home as acrylic is hard and need professional tools and products to remove it.

Can I take off my gel/shellac nails at home?

Yes you can if you have the right stuff.

How often do I need to come back for an infill?

Every 2-3 weeks for infills and every 2-3 months for take-off and new set.

Can I pay by cash/ card?

At the moment we accept cash, bank transfer and Paypal.

Do I have to pay for a nail fix?

You don’t have to pay for it for the first 5 days, after that it will be £3-£5, depends on the nail, length, design…

Do I need to book an appointment before coming?

Yes, please book an appointment before coming for better service. You can book online in our website or call our number 07402286286.

Do you use the razor for pedicure?

Yes We will do if requested.

Can you do infills on gel/shellac?

No, we can’t do infills on gel/shellac. We take off and repaint with another gel/shellac colours.

Does acrylic harm my natural nails?

No, if you look after them well and your nail techs do your nails properly, your nails won’t be damaged.

What is the difference between gel and shellac?

Gel polish and shellac are the same thing. Shellac is a name.

What is stronger shellac or acrylic?

Acrylic is stronger than shellac. You can have shellac on top of acrylic for stronger and more glossy effect.


For last minute appointments or booking issues please direct call our number 07402286286.