Nail care is now one of the things that ladies are particularly interested in, in addition to beauty maintenance. Having beautiful nails can express each person’s personality. Besides that, a gorgeous nail plays a role as a type of jewelry for women or sometimes a new nail design can boost a person’s mood. Like Tammy Taylor has said: “The happiest girls always have the prettiest nails.” Reading nail salons have gained popularity in the last few years as the demand for manicures and pedicures are increasing.

Reading nail salon – introduction

In Reading, England, there are many nail spas that are gradually becoming more popular with people in the community. Having nails done has been growing into an indispensable part of the modern lifestyle of all girls and women. Knowing that people who come to a nail salon do not merely have their nails done, but also use accompanied services. Therefore, Reading nail salons not only provide nail services but also foot massages, beauty treatments.

Each nail salon brings its own unique features to suit each customer’s desires. With a variety of styles, customers can always explore many new experiences at different salons. Not only people who live in Reading but also visitors from other places always give a compliment to the nail salons here because of the soothing manicure or pedicure experience.

How to choose a suitable Reading nail salon?

Choosing a nail salon to get your nails done seems quite difficult. In Reading, there are lots of salons for customers to ponder from. Understanding the issue, here are some characteristics at a nail bar that you can consider when choosing a proper nail salon in Reading.

  • Various nail styles

The nail salon should have a variety of styles and designs to meet the customers’ demands. They need to stay updated with the latest nail trends because these days, customers change their nail styles frequently. We find out that not many customers want their nails to look the same every time. Here is some advice for you to find an appropriate Reading nail salon.

You can choose a suitable Reading nail salon by looking at their works on social media to determine whether they can do different nail designs. Currently, almost nail salons have their own social media like Instagram and Facebook to upload their photos of the customers’ nails. Landing page or the salons’ website can be other sources to find your most suitable place to get your nails done.

  • High quality services

When deciding a nail salon to go to, customers definitely care about the nails as well as the accompanied services. Having the comprehensive services ensures that every customer who comes to the salon can have a fullfill experiment.

One of the most important factors that you expect from a good nail salon is their sanitary environment. Each nail salon has many customers, and sometimes they have to use the same equipment and tools on different clients. Therefore, it is critical to make sure that the equipment and tools are thoroughly cleaned after each use in order to protect the customers from unwanted problems. Besides that, a clean place with tidy salon’s furniture can always please the most meticulous customers.

High quality service often comes with high quality manicurists. They are the people who take care of your nails with advanced treatment and also guide you to look after your nails after leaving their salon. Viewing the salon before getting your nails done is the best way to choose a suitable one. If you do not have time to do it, you can always find the customers’ feedback and reviews online easily.

Another aspect which can make a nail salon become favorable or not is the accompanied services. Thanks to the high technology, some nail salons have their convenient online booking system so that the customers do not have to call or book appointments offline. A good salon will always care about the customer’s experience by providing facilities such as free wifi, free coffee or even free masks during the covid pandemic. Safety and comfort are 2 things that customers always expect from a nail salon.

  • Reasonable price

We all know that pricing is a major matter. For this reason, customers always expect that the quality will also be adequate with the money they spend. You should select the salon which publicizes their price and if there are service fees attached, customers will also be notified in advance. Some salons may give you a flat rate for all services, but others may charge you on an individual basis. Make sure you understand what you’re receiving for the price you’ve been offered.

Rachel’s Nails –  a perfect nail salon to visit in Reading

When choosing a nail salon in Reading, customers should take all the aspects which have been mentioned above into consideration. At Rachel’s Nails , we provide customers with superior care and service. Visiting here is a beautiful memory in which you not only get lovely nails but also enjoy every second of the nails treatment. Here are the outstanding features that make Rachel’s Nails become an ideal destination for exceptional nail services.

  • Great customer service

Customers can always be treated carefully when coming to Rachel’s Nails because of its incredible services. We provide free ultra fast wifi and free fresh coffee and soft drinks here. With the aim of satisfying all the clients who come to Rachel’s Nails, we always improve our service every single day by using a convenient online booking system on the website. We provide a variety of packages to suit your needs for your birthday, hen, wedding, or celebrations. We are willing to accept complimentary nail repair within 5 days of service.

At Rachel’s Nails, we have a free parking spot right in front of our nail bar. Customers do not have hassles going to town, perfect for those who want to stay away from the crowds. This is an advantage of our nail salon because it can save your time as well as parking fee. In addition, we also give loyalty cards to our customers. When you have our membership card, you will receive benefits and special incentives from our salon.

People also play an important role in improving customer service. Everytime you come to our nail salon, you will be taken care of by our beloved nail technicians. Here are the feedback and reviews from our lovely customers at our website

  • Latest nail trend updated and wide range of choice

Knowing that our clients love to experiment with different nail designs, we always obtain and update the latest nail trends in all seasons of the year. Additionally, customers can design their own nails styles and we will be the one to meet your request. At Rachel’s Nails, the nails are also designed exclusively by our manicurists in order that customers can have their unique nail styles. We like sharing our nail design with our customers as well as listening to your thoughts about nails.

Moreover, with thousands of gel colors, we believe that we can bring to you the best product lines. Rachel’s Nails have special designs and colors that serve for different customer’s purposes, from events such as wedding, birthday, Christmas to parties or celebrations.

  • Talented manicurists

The founder and owner of Rachel’s Nails is Mrs. Rachel Vu. With more than 10 years of experience in the nail industry, doing nails for our dear customers has become more than just a job to her. Clients can be assured that when they come to Rachel’s Nails , we will serve you with the utmost care by talented nails technicians. Furthermore, we ensure that your nails remain strong and capable of performing their functions after getting your nails done at our nail spa. Here are pictures of our manicurists participating in the nail courses with professions.

  • Affordable price

At Rachel’s Nails salon, we consistently provide the best services with reasonable prices. The price list of all products and services are uploaded by us through the website. The price of manicure and gel only cost you from £15 with the classic one. In addition, pedicure services, extension and dipping nails can cost you a little pricier because it takes a lot of time and effort. But we guarantee that what we offer is in line with the quality of the service you receive. After a 5-days free warranty, if you want to get your nails fixed, the price is only from £3 to £5 depending on the nails, length, design,…

Rachel’s Nails service and price guide

  • Manicure and gel

Classic manicure is the most basic nail service and it is suitable for those who do not like fussiness. Firstly, the manicurist gets your hands sanitized thoroughly in order to remove residual stains. Then, your hands are soaked off in vitamin C-infused water. After that, the nail technician pushes and tidies your cuticles so as to have clean nails, trims and shapes your nails, softly massages them. This makes the polish layer applied on the nail smoother and more beautifully. Lastly, your nails are painted with ordinary polish. The price for a classic manicure can cost you from £15.

Classic manicure with gel/shellac has the same process as the classic manicure but your nails are finished with gel. Therefore, the price is slightly higher than the classic one, and can cost from £28.

File and paint with ordinary polish only cost you from £10 and you can have your nails filed carefully and painted with the regular polish.

File and paint with gel polish/shellac has the similar technique as the ordinary but your nails are finished with gel. This can cost you from £22.

  • Extension

Full set acrylic is the most basic nail extension with a simple process. Customers’ hands are sanitized thoroughly, then push and tidy up cuticles. Next, the nail technicians extend your nails with tips and acrylic, follow your desired nail shape and length. Lastly, clients’ nails are painted with ordinary polish. The price for a full set acrylic can cost you from £30.

Full set of ombre style is the most gorgeous and elegant nails with two tones of color that are mixed together and finished with the super glossy gel top coat. With the finest ombre unique process, we are confident in bringing you the best ombre with a wide range of options. This costs you from £44 but your nails are incredibly beautiful after doing a full set of ombre.

Custom designs are perfect with people who like to customize their nails styles and we will do our best to complete as you expected. For more details about the styles, designs and price, please contact us via our instagram, facebook or website.

  • Maintenance

Take off and redo gel/shellac, your hands should be sanitized before removing the old gel and painting with a fresh color. Recognizing how delicate natural nails are, we utilized nail tools with care to avoid injuring your nail beds. £27 is the amount of money you may spend on this service.

Take off and redo gel/shellac with manicure has the same technique with take off and redo gel/shellac but customers can have their nails soaked in vitamin C, push up and tidy cuticles and then painted. This will cost you from £32.

Infill with acrylic nails can be done when you do not want to do brand new acrylic nails. Your nails are sanitized, filed off the old color, filled in the gaps with acrylic trim. Then the manicurist reshapes your nails, and paints with a new color. The price for this service can cost you from  £20.

Infills with ombre style depend on the condition of your current set of ombre. It may take longer to complete the infills, and we may have to reapply the two colors to achieve the optimum result. As a result, pricing will range from £30-35.

Take off a new set of acrylic is recommended to customers every 2 to 3 months for your safety and health. Your nails will be soaked off and begin with a totally fresh full set coated with ordinary polish. This costs you from £37.

Take off a new set with ombre has the same process of taking off the old set but finished with the ombre style. The price for taking off a new set with ombre can cost you from £50.

The removal can cost customers from only £10.

  • Dipping nails

Dipping nails is made out of acrylic powder with very small particles mixed with other components. This will strengthen and be more safe to customers’ nails. The price for dipping on natural nails is from £30 whereas dipping on extension costs from £35. Taking off and redoing is £5 added up.

  • Foot treatments

File and paint toe nails only cost you from £12. Your toenails are sanitised carefully, pushed and cut cuticles, filed and shaped thoroughly. Lastly, the nail technician paints your nails with ordinary polish.

File and paint with gel polish,  you will have your toenails painted with gel polish which gives you a glossy top. This will cost customers from £25.

Pedicure foot spa is a service which is worth trying. Your toenails are sanitised, soaked up in vitamin C water. Customers sit on pedicure chair with massage function to have a relaxing moment. The manicurist will take off cuticles and hard skin, exfoliate, giving clients a hand massage, trim and file toenails. Finally, your nails are painted with ordinary polish. You may spend £30 on this service. If you decide to go for gel polish which is nicer and longer lasting it will cost you £10 extra.

Add-on services include disposable pedicure kit (disposable file, buffer and other pedicure tools). This costs you £2. Besides that, warm towel (extra pampering with warm towel wrapped around your legs) will cost £4 more.

  • Beauty treatments 

At Rachel’s Nails salon, we provide beauty treatment including tinting and waxing. We have eyebrow waxing, upper lip waxing and chin that cost respectively from £7, £5 and £5. Along with it, we have eyebrow tinting (from £8) and eyelashes tinting (from £12).

Contacts Rachel’s Nails

Reading nails salon – why should you choose us?

In Reading, there are many nail salons but not every salons can bring the ultimate benefits to customers like Rachel’s Nails does. All utilities at Rachel’s Nails are carefully prepared to provide the best services for you. We have talented manicurists, wide range of choices for customers to choose from. The price and quality of the services here are very affordable compared to the other places. We are trying to improve every day so that they can give out the best quality to clients.

Customers can expect that after going out of Rachel’s Nails, they will have beautiful nails and pleasant feelings. With all the amazing factors mentioned previously, Rachel’s nail salon should be taken into consideration by all the customers when choosing a perfect nail bar.


Above are all of the details we want to share with you about the Reading nails salon. We hope this post was helpful for you to choose a suitable nails spa in Reading. We are looking forward to seeing you soon at Rachel’s Nails.

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