There is no better way to spend some relaxed time than to acquire or give yourself a beautiful manicure. Nothing beats a stylish set of nails, whether you’ve been eyeing numerous cosmetic trends or want to keep things simple with an everyday manicure.

All of the pleasure, though, comes to an end when it’s time to dry your nails. You risk damaging your manicure if you don’t wait long enough. And, of course, with a hectic schedule, waiting too long is out of the question. So you’re probably wondering how to dry nails quickly. Look no further if you’re sick of dealing with a smeared manicure.

We’ll show you how to dry nails fast, including some useful suggestions, in the section below. But first, let’s look at how long nail paint should take to dry.

How long does it take for nails to dry completely?

It’s time to address the age-old question: How long does nail polish take to dry? While it’s tempting to believe that your nails only require 10 to 15 minutes to dry, previous manicure sessions have proven that even after waiting, your nails might get smeared.

The fact is that nail paint might take up to two hours to dry. And, while a few hours might feel like an eternity when you have a busy schedule, it’s critical to get your manicure to set quickly so you can get on with your day.

Because the surface layer of your nails dries first, you may believe they dry faster than they actually do. You may softly touch your nails and feel them dry, only to ruin them a minute later when you use your hands for anything.

This is due to the fact that your nails are only dry on the surface; the lacquer below is still wet and might be damaged, smeared, and so on.

How to dry nails fast without making smeared 

Are you ready to find out how to dry your nails quickly? Continue reading for four ideas on how to speed up the drying process and achieve a perfect manicure in no time.

Using fast-drying nail polish

Using fast-drying nail paint is one of the simplest techniques to help your manicure dry quickly. Fast-drying nail lacquer, unlike other nail paint formulations, works to dry and set your nails in a matter of minutes. There is no need for a lengthy drying time. With so many color and finish options available, you’re sure to discover the right polish for you.

Paint thin nail layers

Paint your nail paint on in light, thin layers, allowing each layer to dry between coats. Apply 2-3 thin, light coats of polish after wiping off a bit of polish from your applicator brush. Allow your polish to dry for 1-3 minutes between coats. If you apply numerous thick coats of nail polish, it will not dry fully.

  • It will take longer to apply the polish this way, but it will dry much faster.
  • Paint each nail one at a time, then repeat in the same sequence. If you take your time painting each nail, the first one will be ready for its second coat by the time you finish the last one.

Hair dryer is also a very good option

For a quick fix, use a blow dryer to blast cold air for 2-3 minutes. Connect your hairdryer and set it to the cold air setting. Then, for 2-3 minutes, run the cool air across your fingertips. The chilly air may cause your nails to dry rapidly.

  • Do this for both hands to fully dry each nail.
  • Before you begin, make sure the dryer is set to the low setting. To avoid harming the polish, hold the hairdryer 12 inches (30 cm) above your nails as you dry them.
  • Your nail paint may begin to bubble or ripple if you use a warm heat setting or hold the dryer too near.

Immerse your fingertips in a basin of cold ice water

Allow your nails to air dry for 60 seconds before filling a small basin halfway with extremely cold water. Then, add 2-5 ice cubes. Hold your fingertips in the icy water for 1-2 minutes before removing them from the dish. In general, cold hardens nail paint, so an ice bath is an excellent technique to get your nail polish to adhere.

  • When applying this method, use caution since it might damage your nail paint if you dip your hands in the water too quickly. The polish should be virtually dry at this point.
  • While this speeds up the drying time of your nail paint, it will make your hands incredibly freezing!

Put your hands in the freezer

As much as we dislike being cold, when it comes to our nails and the opportunity to not smudge them before they’re dry, we’re ready to go to any length. In this situation, it entails placing your hands in the freezer for a few minutes. The cold air will assist to harden the top coat of polish, allowing you not to be too cautious after having your manicure done.

Spray your wet nails with an air duster

An air duster is a blast of chilly, pressurized air that shoots out fast. Hold the can around 30-45cm away from your hands to keep them from getting too chilly. Your nails should be mostly dry after a quick 3-5 second spray over your fingertips. Because the air is chilly, this works great for drying nail paint. Make sure the sprayer is aimed towards your nails.

  • Before you spray your nails, make sure they’re mostly dry, since air duster might damage your nail paint. You may unintentionally harm the polish’s surface.
  • Air duster may be purchased at most office supply stores.

To save time, try using drying drops or setting spray

Are you ready to decrease your drying time in half without making a mess? It’s time to get to know quick-dry nail drops. This product not only dries your manicure quickly, but it also protects your nails from dents, smudges, and scratches. Some formulations are also effective at nourishing your cuticles and nails. Essentially, it is a must-have. All you have to do is dab one or two drops onto newly polished nails. Wait a minute or two for them to dry, and everything is ready to go!

When it comes to avoiding messes, a nail polish drying spray is a wonderful option. You can depend on obtaining the perfect manicure with every usage because it is ideal for minimizing drying time. Simply wait a minute after painting your nails before spraying evenly over each nail with the can held a few inches away from your hands.

  • Nail drying treatments, such as sprays and drops, are available at many beauty supply and pharmacy stores.

Frequently asked question about how to dry nails fast

Q: Can I dry my nails in front of an air conditioner rather than a freezer?

A: Yes, this will aid in the drying of your nails. Anything that helps your nails harden faster will help them cool faster.

Q: Can I wash my hands in the sink with cold water?

A: Cold water can assist, but make sure it isn’t a strong stream otherwise it can ruin your nail polish/varnish.

Q: Is the ice water technique suitable for nail art?

A: It is determined by the amount of nail art present. If there is only a small amount, it will dry properly. If there is a lot, it will either fail or take a very long time. However, if you use a fast-drying top coat, that will assist. In this instance, we propose that you use UV/LED light to dry your nails.


There is nothing more frustrating than spending a couple of hours sitting with your hands in front of you, trying to avoid touching things for fear of damaging your freshly painted nails. We hope that all the information that Rachel’s Nails has provided above may help you overcome this situation. How to dry nails fast is not that difficult.

Every day, ensure that you have a fundamental understanding of nail care and protection. You can apply all of the nail care methods we listed above or come to our nail salon for nail care to get faster results. We may be found at 12a Norcot Road, Reading, UK, or online at

We believe that this article can help you to figure out the proper ways about how to dry your nails fast with easy tips.

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